Root Canal Treatment

Experienced Root Canal Treatment Toowoomba

If you experience toothache or pain, we welcome you to contact our Toowoomba surgery straight away. At L&R Dental, we prioritise dental emergencies and will treat your condition quickly – often on the same day.

We realise that some anxiety may accompany your diagnosis. Our gentle and experienced team of dentists will prioritise and ensure your comfort throughout your procedure by completely anaesthetising your tooth before we begin.

Common Symptoms and Diagnosis

woman looking in mirror with tooth pain When you arrive at our clinic, we will take an x-ray to assist our dentists with an accurate diagnosis. We will also discuss recent symptoms, which may include:

  • Inflammation of the gums, jaw or face

  • Sensitivity to hot or cold

  • Continuous pain

  • Pain when chewing

  • A small bump on the gum tissue

  • Tooth discolouration

Dental pain often worsens with time and is an indication that professional treatment is needed. Getting in touch with us as soon as possible allows us to provide relief before the condition progresses or an extraction becomes necessary.

How Root Canal Treatment Works

Many patients associate root canal treatment with discomfort, giving the procedure a poor reputation. Pain, however, typically originates with the symptoms rather than the treatment, which eliminates infection within the tooth and encourages healing to begin.

Structure of human tooth diagram Root canals address diseased pulp. Pulp refers to tissue, blood vessels and nerve fibres inside the tooth’s canal. A tooth may become infected because of advanced decay, periodontal disease, trauma or chronic bruxism (teeth grinding).

During root canal treatment, your dentist removes the pulp through a small access point in the tooth and finishes by sterilising and adding medication within the canal before sealing it.

You may feel residual sensitivity for a few days after treatment. This is a normal part of the healing process, and you can expect to feel gradual improvement over the next several days until symptoms disappear entirely.

Caring for Your Root Canal Tooth

It is normal for teeth to become more brittle and susceptible to fracture following a root canal. We may recommend a dental crown to protect your tooth, especially for posterior (back) teeth, which support chewing. A dental crown covers your tooth structure and absorbs much of the force. 

A successful root canal followed by a crown can extend the life of your natural tooth by years, or even decades, when cared for properly. 

Alternatives To Root Canal Treatment

Some patients prefer an alternative to root canal treatment, which typically involves a dental extraction and tooth replacement with a dental implant or bridge. We will always present all treatment options and respect the choice you make for the future of your oral health and smile.

We Welcome New Patients

We invite you to contact our Toowoomba dental clinic to arrange a booking with Dr Leanne Welsh, Dr Rachael Milford or Dr Phoebe Fernando. Our caring and professional team will warmly welcome you and help you achieve a healthy, comfortable smile with the personalised care you deserve.