Cosmetic Dentistry

A beautiful smile projects the image of health, confidence, and beauty. Few of us are blessed with a perfect smile, and some of us even avoid smiling because of some noticeable flaws. At L&R Dental, we combine the art and science of dentistry to help patients achieve the best-looking smile possible. 


woman's mouth with very white teeth having dental treatment

Cosmetic Dentistry Services For Natural Results

A broken-down smile may not reflect who you are on the inside. Replacing missing teeth and improving the appearance of the ones you have can help you maintain a youthful and healthy appearance that makes a great impression socially and professionally. Restorations like ceramic crowns and veneers can erase years of damage or neglect – all with natural-looking results.

Your smile is the most important accessory you will ever have because you wear it every day.


Tooth-Coloured Dentistry

Replacing dentistry that contains metal components can brighten your smile. Ceramic crowns, bonded fillings, and ceramic veneers restore both the function and appearance of natural teeth, while dental implants solve the problem of missing teeth with the most lifelike and reliable results. Our Toowomba dentists are great listeners and truly interested in helping you achieve your ideal smile. We invite you to get in touch and tell us what you love about your smile and what you would prefer to change. 


A New Smile with Ceramic Veneers

composite dental veneerCeramic veneers are thin, translucent restorations that fit over the front of natural teeth to improve shape, length and discolouration.

Veneers also eliminate gaps between teeth and give the appearance of improved alignment without the need for orthodontics. Typically, ceramic veneers are placed on multiple teeth to create a perfect-looking smile.

We also offer composite bonded veneers for repairing a single tooth or covering deep stains. We can discuss which option will give you optimum results.

We begin by discussing your ideal smile and taking moulds of your teeth. This will help us design the proper shape and length of your veneers. Determining the shade and the final look of veneers is exciting. We even offer a ‘try-in’ with temporaries so that you can see a preview of your brand new look.


Full Smile Makeovers

Neglect, teeth grinding and accidents cause damage to the smile. We offer complete smile makeovers to restore both function and aesthetics of teeth. By using a combination of treatments, you can enjoy comfortable chewing and a smile suited for the silver screen.


Why L&R Dental?

At L&R Dental, we have years of experience working as dentists in Toowoomba, performing medical and cosmetic dentistry for patients to the highest standards. Our professional, qualified clinicians are trained in professional teeth whitening, and we work closely with each and every patient to determine a tailored treatment plan. 

If you’re thinking about improving your smile, talk to our dentists at L&R Dental. Seeing the smile on our patient's faces when they leave with a brand new smile is so rewarding. You might be surprised at how easily cosmetic dentistry with an experienced dentist helps you gain your dream smile.