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Why do I need a crown on my tooth?

At L&R Dental, we present all treatment options available. A recommendation for a crown likely means that your tooth needs extra protection to absorb the load caused when chewing. Opting for a dental crown on a compromised tooth can prolong its life and improve comfort.

Dental decay – Fillings are enough to seal a tooth when it comes to small instances of decay, but deep decay may cause the structure of the tooth to be unstable. A dental crown provides greater support by completely covering the tooth.

Root canals – When we remove the diseased pulp from a tooth, the blood supply to the tooth is cut off, making it more brittle. Covering a root canal-treated tooth, especially on molars that do most of the chewing, will reduce the risk of fracture.

Improved aesthetics – Sometimes an oddly shaped or damaged tooth stands out against an otherwise lovely smile. Our dental crowns are designed by skilled technicians right here in Toowoomba. Since we work closely with our dental lab, you can count on a crown that looks and feels great.

If you have questions about a procedure or treatment we have recommended, we welcome you to get in touch. We enjoy discussing your options, and we can show you what we see using our intraoral camera so that you can make an informed choice for your health and smile.