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What is the best way to replace a missing tooth?

Many people consider tooth-replacement with dental implants the most natural and convenient way to replace a missing tooth.

If you are looking for a long-term solution to missing teeth that gives you the most natural results, dental implants are probably the solution for you.

Dental implants replace the entire tooth, including the root, and integrate naturally with your bone. This means they will not move or shift as long as the bone supporting the dental implant stays healthy. Dental implants retain healthy bone and prevent teeth from shifting.

Dental implants can replace one or more missing teeth and can also support dental bridges and retain dentures for a more stable solution.

Not every patient can have dental implants. Sometimes this is due to insufficient bone, and sometimes it is simply because they wish to avoid surgery. Dental bridges offer a fixed solution to replace a missing tooth and act as a placeholder for missing teeth.

For patients with many, or all, of their teeth missing, partial dentures and complete dentures provide a reliable option.

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