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Why Do Wisdom Teeth Need Removing?

January 18, 2021
Posted By: LR Dental

Wisdom teeth are the last teeth in the mouth to form but some people are lucky enough to be missing them. They aren’t always the most pleasant teeth in the mouth to deal with.

Typically, these erupt around 18 years of age but can grow earlier or later which can vary between individuals. Often pain indicates that it might be time for these to come out, whether it be from the pressure of them growing against another tooth or starting to decay from difficulty with brushing. When it comes to growing teeth, there are a variety of reasons for wisdom teeth removal


Wisdom Teeth Removal Is A Common Procedure

Not everyone has a mouth big enough to accommodate wisdom teeth these days. It is said that these were important thousands of years ago when extra strong teeth were needed for chewing tough meat. These days, most foods are soft and able to be cooked well enough to not need the extra strength, therefore the joke is that if you are missing these teeth then you are more ‘evolved’.

There are times when wisdom teeth need to come out even without experiencing pain. There are many reasons for this. As cleaning is often difficult that far back in the mouth, bacteria is often missed which can lead to decay. Wisdom teeth positioned far back in the mouth are not easy to fill and therefore, your dentist will most likely suggest having these out rather than doing a filling in them. 


Wisdom Teeth Can Cause A Variety Of Problems

Having a build-up of bacteria can also mean that infection can easily travel to the root which can result in an abscess. Other problems that arise can be the teeth not erupting straight instead of facing horizontally. This can then wear away the root of the tooth in front.

If you need to have your wisdom teeth out, the options can include having them taken out under local anaesthetic in the practice, or at the hospital under general anaesthetic; this is usually determined by your practitioner depending on how difficult the extraction will be.

Recovery after the removal is determined by the difficulty of the procedure, whether you had it under local or general anaesthesia and your age. Usually the younger you are, the faster you will recover.


Talk To Us About Your Wisdom Teeth Options

Your practitioner will usually start screening for your wisdom teeth once you turn 17 but should you have any concerns, make sure you consult your practitioner as soon as possible.

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