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Why do my gums bleed?

September 25, 2020
Posted By: Priyanka - OHT
woman with bleeding gums

Bleeding gums is a common complaint that patients mention when visiting the dental clinic, the actual term for this is gingivitis. The common misconception when it comes to bleeding gums is that the bleeding means they should stop flossing or brushing in that area. 



In fact, what you need to be doing is the total opposite. 




What Causes Bleeding Gums?

The bacteria that builds up in our mouth irritates the gums causing inflammation and therefore resulting in bleeding. If bacteria accumulates and is not removed through correct brushing and flossing, the bleeding worsens over time. 

The problem with inflamed gums is that the longer you let this go untreated, the more inflamed they get, which creates deep pockets that make them very difficult to clean. This is where your dental hygienist comes in to help. The tools that are used by professionals help clean at the base of these pockets which, if done regularly, can reduce inflammation.

Of course, reducing bleeding and inflammation can’t improve unless at-home care is being adhered to strictly as well. 


Prevent Bleeding Gums Now


This is why it’s very important to establish good oral hygiene habits earlier on, rather than leaving them until they get very difficult to maintain. It’s also very important to visit your dentist regularly to prevent gingivitis from progressing to periodontitis (bone loss). 


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