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Before undergoing tooth whitening it is important to have a full exam with dental radiographs and professional cleaning to ensure there is no decay or gum disease present. Teeth must be healthy before whitening can be considered. The cause of the discolouration will also need to be established to ensure tooth whitening is right for you. Whitening can either be done in the dental chair or at home.


In Chair whitening using Zoom! is a fast and effective way to achieve whiter teeth in just over an hour. The procedure involves isolating all soft tissue around your teeth followed by application of a gel which is activated by the specifically designed light. Take home whitening treatment involves custom made trays which are used to apply the whitening gel each day for up to 10 days.

For most people teeth whitening poses no serious risks if done correctly but occasionally teeth can react badly. Sensitivity for a few days following the procedure is not uncommon and will usually settle. We recommend you discuss the benefits and risks of tooth whitening with your dentist.