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Wisdom teeth

Wisdom teeth differ from person to person in their number, their shape and their position in your mouth. The best way to examine your wisdom teeth is on a large X-ray of jaw called an OPG. 

From this X-ray, we can determine where your wisdom teeth are and if they are causing problems. 

Problems you may experience include infection of the wisdom teeth resulting in pain and swelling.

There are other problems with your wisdom teeth you may be unaware of, because they can occur without symptoms. Typically if a wisdom tooth doesn't have enough space to erupt completely it can become impacted up against the tooth in front. The tooth in front may then develop a cavity, which if left untreated may seriously compromise that tooth. 

This is why it is always a good idea to know where your wisdom teeth are and how they are affecting your other teeth. 

After an examination and viewing your OPG, we can develop a personal treatment plan for you. At L&R Dental we like to take a preventative approach and may recommend extracting the wisdom teeth before they cause serious problems. 

We have facilities available to undergo wisdom teeth removal in our clinic. There is also the choice to be admitted to a local private hospital to have a general anaesthetic for wisdom teeth surgery. 

If you have any further questions or would like to book a wisdom teeth consultation, please call us.